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About Us



Cayce Foods, affectionately known to most as Mom & Pops – the store's original name – was opened in 1991. Christopher Ogbuefi and Yvonne Ogbuefi founded Mom & Pops while still managing their careers in engineering and nursing, respectively. Mom & Pops operated as a gas station and grab-and-go shop. As time progressed, Christopher and Yvonne experimented with adding products from Africa. Soon the store would grow to specialize in foods from West Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean.


Later, Christopher and Yvonne opened a wholesale department to extend the reach of Cayce Food’s offerings. Today, Cayce Foods continues to import international products from countries including Nigeria, Norway, Ghana, Cameroon, and Malaysia, to name a few. Cayce foods provide customers with unique products unavailable anywhere else.



In 2004, Christopher and Yvonne Ogbuefi purchased the property where the current headquarters of Cayce Foods sits. After years of acquiring the necessary permits, fulfilling zoning requirements, and later receiving approval from the City Council, the construction of Cayce Foods headquarters began in 2010. In 2012, Cayce Foods opened its doors for the first time in its new building.


The new retail space allowed Cayce Foods to expand its grocery selection and products. Cayce foods increased its variety of meat and poultry offerings and cosmetic products. Additionally, Cayce Foods added a stop-and-go restaurant called Cayce Café. Cayce Café specializes in spicy suya, Jamaican and Nigerian meat pies, and various West African dishes.

Meet The Founders


Chief Executive Officer

Q: Can you tell us about yourself?

A: My name is Christopher Chinedu Ogbuefi, and I am a native of Nibo town, Anambra State, Nigeria. In school I trained as a structural engineer, and I worked for several years as a structural steel detailer and hotel construction supervisor in Nigeria at various engineering firms before relocating to the U.S. to further my education in engineerig. In 1981 I earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of South Carolina and later a master’s degree in structural engineering in 1983. Today, with my business partner and wife of over 39 years, we manage an international foods store in Smyrna, Georgia. We have four adult children

and six grandchildren.

Q: What led you to start a business in international foods?

A: In the past, I ventured into several businesses, some not as lucrative, such as owning a taxi, operating an ice cream parlor, renting properties, selling footwear, and selling fine gemstones. Every opportunity provided more pros than cons! While I continued to work in the field of engineering for some time, my desire to pursue my own business continued to grow. In 1991, Mom and Pops Family Food Store became a reality and later in 2002, I decided to retire early from engineering to expand Mom and Pops into an international food store called Cayce Foods Inc.

Q: What is one interesting thing some people may not know about you?

A: My middle name, Chinedu, means “God is my Leader” in Igbo. I firmly believe in the significance of my name, and I have held it as a consistent reminder of where my guidance and help come from.

Q: What are some things you like to do outside of the business?

A: I regularly participate in charitable giving because I believe it’s important to give to others

and it helps create opportunities for education, growth, and success. In addition, I am an active member of several nonprofit cultural heritage organizations that support cultural, educational, and human service activities in my community and abroad.

Q: What is one thing you feel has helped you achieve some of your goals?

A: I firmly believe that obtaining an education first is the way to success in all areas of life, and I believe my educational journey has been a great blessing.


Yvonne Ogbuefi 

Chief Financial Officer 

Q: Can you tell us about yourself?

A: My name is Yvonne Ogbuefi, and I am a co-owner with my husband, Christopher Ogbuefi, at Cayce Foods Inc., located in the beautiful city of Smyrna, Georgia. I am the youngest of eight siblings born and raised in Blythewood, SC. I graduated from the University of South Carolina Nursing School in 1983 and later became a Registered Nurse. Christopher and I have been married for 39 years now, meeting at the University of South Carolina. We have four children and six lovely grandchildren. Recently, I returned to school, obtaining a post-graduate degree, MA in Law.

Q: If you could name one person who has had a major impact in your life, who would it be?

A: Our mother passed when I was only two years old, and my father was left to raise us. My father worked hard to care for us, and it was from him I learned the importance of having a good work ethic.

Q: What’s one fun fact some people may not know about you?

A: Before becoming a Registered Nurse, I worked as a Stenographer and a keypunch operator – I am sure some may have to google those two careers.

Q: What are some things you enjoy doing?

A: My passions are cooking, reading, walking, planting flowers, and enjoying my grandchildren.

Q: What is one thing you would like to share with visitors and customers at Cayce Foods?


A: My longstanding vision is to have Cayce Foods be an inviting and warm environment for our customers. I hope your experience with Cayce will be pleasant and exceed your expectations of a family-owned international food business.

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